Carbon Cycle Activity


  1. Read the Windows to the Universe page entitled The Carbon Cycle.
  2. List the places where carbon is found on Earth. As a class, brainstorm why carbon is important and why carbon is sometimes hazardous.
  3. Head to the following website and take a trip as a carbon atom, through the carbon cycle.
  4. Post-game discussion questions:
    • How many stops can you make on your trip?
    • Will your journey ever end?
    • Was everyone’s journey the same? Why not?
    • What would happen if we burned more fossil fuels?

Your task for today is to pretend that you are a carbon atom starting as part of a fossil fuel in the ground. You must write half a page describing your journey around the carbon cycle. You can talk about smells, sights, sounds and also describe processed which are occurring as you travel around. You should also talk about any transitions between plants, animals and the atmosphere. You may include pictures to make your story more interesting.
Submit via email for grading (S/N). Marks will be listed on Simon.

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